The new beginners area…

Yeti Nursery slope

You have to hand it to the French when they put their minds to it they achieve some impressive engineering feats. Over the last ten years they have completely remodelled the mountain on the Plattieres side. One of the cleverest acheivements is the fantastic new Yeti area for young beginners. Targetted at pre-teen children it is actually quite fun for anyone. They have re-sited the Combes chair and added a mid-station that brings you to a brilliantly designed fun green run. There is also a new chair lift and carpet that feed a newly created nursery slope. This area is not accessible from the main blue and red pistes into Mottaret centre as it cordoned off by a stretch of netting. This makes it very safe and quite, providing a much more suitable area in which to spend the first couple of days of skis before venturing up the mountain.

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